Future SNOyowie Browser Development

By | March 11, 2014

It’s been a year since the last version of SNOyowie RF2 Browser was released, so I thought it’d be useful to document what my plans are for future development – both for my benefit (because I’ll forget) and anybody else wondering what the future status of it is. And maybe get some suggestions on other things I could look at.

First, I haven’t abandoned it; between the arrival of my first desendent, work, gaming and general life chaos, I just haven’t had the right combination of time & incentive. I still use the browser, for it’s speedy searches (which I’m still quite proud of), and there’s some bugs, enhancements and other things I’d still like to do. Maybe later in the year. I have played around with more efficient database schema’s but there’s a bunch of stuff (in no particular order):

  • More effective database schema (Still keeping SQLite though)
  • Rebuild using a structured approach or design pattern (e.g. MVC/MVP) …
  • Include some navigable graph control (as well as keep the tree view, both have value IMO)
  • Multilingual Localisation. This was always one of the original target features, and I’d still like to provide the option. And again, implementing this on a clean slate will be easier than refactoring existing code. I’m still investigating the best approach.
  • Open Source it. I’d always planned to do this too, but wanted to get it to a state where I was happy with it, and learnt what I wanted. But also, I’m keen to learn how GitHub works so here’s an excuse.

After some investigation into options it’s looking likely I’ll rebuild using WPF (as opposed to Winforms). A couple of libraries I’d like to try out, specifically QuickGraph and Graph#, are available targeted at WPF. Plus it’s data grid controller has built in grouping functionality. (The OS library I’m using now, still behave buggy at times). If I change my mind, I’ll go with JavaScript. But for now, it’s WPF. And since it’s a new paradigm for me, it’s gonna take some time..

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