SolarMax PVoutput Logger

By | May 12, 2015

This here is a small script I created to take the details of my homes solar output and log it to It’s based partly on some existing work by others that reverse engineered the SolarMax protocol. It should work for the SolarMax 2000S, 3000S,4200S and 6000S series of inverters. I’ve got a 6000S, so that’s the only one I KNOW it works with.

I’ve had queries about using this for other SolarMax inverters, but since I don’t own others, there’s no way for me to test/do anything.

The script is broken into two parts (which could be used on their own):

  1. – interrogates the inverter and gets the current output details
  2. – publishes the data to

Since it’s in Python, it should run on any platform. I’ve got it scheduled as 5 minute Cronjob on my Raspberry Pi (which beats a power hungry PC running 24/7).

You can check it out on GitHub if interested.

Oh! And you can see my plants output here – Solar Spider.


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