By | June 30, 2013

@CodeParrot is a simple terminology lookup service that works via the Twitter API. The service is entirely for amusement purposes and in no way suitable for clinical practice. (Tweets are limited to 140 characters – so the responses may be truncated!).

As of January 25, 2014 @CodeParrot is using the CSIRO Australian E-Health Research Centre‘s Ontoserver to fetch details of SNOMED CT, SNOMED CT-AU and AMT concepts. If you have any questions about Ontoserver, I recommend getting in contact with AEHRC or Michael Lawley. As a result, @CodeParrot, will respond with results for the most recently published editions.


  1. Tweet anything mentioning @CodeParrot and it will respond.
  2. Wait… Within about a minute – you’ll receive a response.Include a concept ID in your tweet and the response will include the Fully Specified Name and Status of that concept.

You don’t need to be following @CodeParrot or Direct Message it.
Bonus! If your original tweet includes multiple Concept IDs,@CodeParrot will reply once for each code (and include the respective Concept ID)

As part of this update I’ve improved functionality and made the syntax about as relaxed as it could be. This does mean that @CodeParrot will chime in for every tweet you mention it in! Be warned. Though as a consequence of the move to Ontoserver, some other code systems are now unavailable, at least until I change the code or Ontoserver supports them.

Currently @CodeParrot has access to:

  • SNOMED CT (January 2013)
  • SNOMED CT-AU (May 2013)
  • LOINC (2.4)
  • AMT (September 2013)
  • ICD10 (R2)

All codes remain the property of their respective owners.

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